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40 Raw Stone Bathrooms That Can Be Your Inspiration

November 13, 2012 By: home Category: Bathroom Design

Bored with bathroom design modern versatile? Saturated with furniture, tiles, ceilings and modern wall? Decorating your bathroom, see bathroom designs below. Bathroom with a decorative look natural raw stone. Some natural elements will add to the atmosphere seemed really cool and fresh like being in the wild. Start buying the sink, tub and tile made ​​of raw stone. Ask the architect for the layout so that your bathroom neat and proper placement of furniture. Feel at ease and see how amazing your bathroom. It will make you feel at home in the bathroom. See there are 40 bathrooms raw stones that may make the ideas and inspiration for decorating.
bathroom designs

Raw Stone Bathrooms

stone bathrooms

raw stone bathrooms

See photo stone bathroom with a click of the image.

Modern Bathroom Furniture Simple Minimalist Style: Icosmic

March 11, 2012 By: home Category: Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Furniture

Modern Bathroom Furniture Simple Minimalist Style: Icosmic. Bathroom can be a work of art in it if you can enjoy the beauty of design. Icosmic bathroom design by offering some modern furniture, especially for those of you who like modern furniture. The following pictures of modern bathroom furniture design is simple and minimalist. simple bathroom with white and gray.

Modern bathroom designs:

Modern Bathroom Bathroom Furniture Furniture Simple

Bathroom furniture is made from high quality materials such as chrome and glass. The bathroom is safe for electrical wiring systems or electrical systems that use a hidden. Icosmic

Furniture Minimalist

Contemporary bathroom furniture

Modern Bathroom Furniture Simple Minimalist (4)

Modern bathroom furniture cabinets.

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