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4 Tips To Build Your Dream Home According To Taste

October 21, 2012 By: home Category: Build House

Was not satisfied with buying a house from the developer? Does not match the shape, design to building quality unsatisfactory. Start building a dream home, of course, on their own land :D . Here are 4 tips to build dream home according to your tastes.


Dream Home

1. Budget
All the most important thing is funding. That must be considered is the expenditure of building materials and the house must be in accordance with your funds. Desire to adjust the budget. Not good if you are in debt just to build a magnificent house, customize to your needs for home as beautiful as possible. So that you feel comfortable being at home. If funds are limited, you can build a home grown. Home grown is: the house that can be built to the side, backward and forward, or up if the money is collected later.

2. Taste
Customize your home design with your personal tastes as the owner. If you like the house that always looks cool for a small garden in front of the house or in the back of the house. It will relieve your boredom when finished working overtime. Go see a garden with fountains and ornamental fish while enjoying the coffee is very convenient. If you like the minimalist style of the house, then create a concept that does not run away from the minimalist style. A bit of advice if two or more concepts are applied in one house, sometimes even worsen look of your home. But it tastes different, do everything you want to build houses. But specify which concept you choose. It will speed up the construction of your house.

3. Habit
Customize your home with your activities from waking to sleep at night. If you like to work at home with your favorite laptop, you can create a special work space more spacious, neat, necessary tools complete, so that makes you feel at home in the room. If you often spend your quality time in the living room or bedroom, then prioritize the size and amenities in the room, complete furniture can make you comfortable in the room. Or if you like long in the bathroom, you can make the bathroom according to your taste, classic or modern concept. Make the space as comfortable as possible so you feel at home in it.

If you want to save money following tips. If you do not like to receive visitors, then no need to make a living room or bedroom a special guest, but I think it needs to be made, maybe when you come in from out of town and stay, the room will be felt useful.

4. Ask The Expert
If you have more funds, try using the services of an architect to make the house as you see fit. Concept and residential design consultation with the architect. Architect will provide suggestions to bridge between the desire to merit the look of your home. Quality and robustness of the house you are also guaranteed.

Usually the architect will give advice on the interior of your home. And arrangement of furniture that fits your taste. Sometimes stuff does not even fit together in the same space as different concepts. But all of it up to you the homeowner. If you think it looks comfortable for you do it. Who lived in the house because you are. Source: yahoo. Homebasedecor greetings.

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