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Modern Home Design, Residence Azaya

October 14, 2012 By: home Category: Modern Home Designs

Modern style home design, residence in Leschi Completed Azaya. This house is designed on the basis of the former dilapidated homes, many of which have a view angle. This house looks very nice at night, with the exterior decoration is neat and beautiful light yellow color. Of the buffer you see the view to the east of Lake Washington and Mercer Island. Wake up in the morning enjoying the cool air and see the beautiful scenery. Perfect ..
Modern Home Design

Home design:
House plans designed around a central core that separates the bedroom and studio room and open-riser staircase steel. The main living level is designed to be open and candid, utilize light while maintaining privacy. Adjacent to the green-roof access ladder outside expansive private rooftop deck. Plan inverted (live on the second floor) affords a view of the house to the east of Lake Washington and Mercer Island.

Modern home design from the rear, staircase design, bathroom design, room design, the stairs in the house you can see by clicking the image. Interior and exterior are very neatly arranged. make us feel at home when staying here. Via: elementalarchitecture

Modern Home Design living room

kitchen Modern


Modern Home Design Tight Budgets by Pb Elemental Architecture

October 05, 2012 By: home Category: Modern Home Designs

This modern house was designed with many of the limitations / benefits of space to minimize the budget. budget is very tight but families can grow big and still growing, this will provide enough space that neatly. Pb Elemental Architecture is the company that designed the beautiful modern house with many limitations. This house is only 1600 square feet but the Elemental Architecture managed to fit everything needed on it. eg: sofa, chairs, decorative plants and others. It gives such an atmosphere outdor living room, the air is fresh. This is really a very creative idea. But less precise during the rainy season. It would be nice if you gave cover any time the room can be opened and closed.
Modern Home Design

For the interior of the house: includes two bathrooms, four bedrooms, dining and living area, entrance hall, open-plan kitchen, utility area, large storage space and accessory living unit with a full kitchen, bath, laundry and closet. Building footprint is only 790 square meters with a building cost of $ 167/sf and modern interior design are very beautiful. see more pictures by clicking the image. maybe it will give you inspiration / ideas for those of you who have a house that is not too broad. you can decorate that house look up to enjoy the space. good luck. Warm greetings from homebasedecor. Via: elementalarchitecture

Modern Home Design interior

Interior Modern Home Design

Modern Home

Modern Home Design Tight

Modern Home Design Pb Elemental Architecture

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