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Islamic Architecture: The Mosque & Cultural Center Studio Ö

February 20, 2012 By: home Category: Architecture Design, Religious Architecture

Islamic Architecture: the mosque and cultural center studio Ö. Architectural design of the room to pray by Studio Ö. Mosque and cultural center for the Islamic Center of New England, Massachusetts. Mosque architecture:


Volume – Islamic Architecture:
By placing the new addition of the Islamic Cultural center next to the existing building where we can set the parameters and the proportion of new parts free.

Religious Architecture

Communication – Islamic Architecture:
Existing entrance and stairs are perfectly placed to serve both the old and new buildings. By adding an elevator in the kitchen supply room, across from the stairs, use the space in the best way, to make buildings accessible to everyone.


New Building – Islamic Architecture:
The new building facing the Qiblah internal. each sex has its own place. for a woman to the second floor, to a man entered from the floor first. incoming light in the building create a unique and poetic.

Prayer – Islamic Architecture:
You go to the ablution area, past the toilet. Ablution area is connected to the park. Prayer room, which is one room or space with a mezzanine for women, house wall facing the Qibla on the right side of the mihrab and minbar are carved out of the wall. Both thin but elegant wall reliefs decorated with traditional Islamic patterns.

Materials and Construction – Islamic Architecture:
made of concrete, because it is a fantastic material that can be varied to create different expressions. The front of the plane is made of concrete with sculptured surfaces. On the surface smoother and sometimes even polished, to reflect light coming from the lights to the roof and windows overlooking the garden spirit. The pillars of the building lifted off the ground and parking and delaying it in mid air to create the illusion of floating solid.

The following drafts of mosque architecture:

Plan Religious Architecture

Draft plan of mosque.

Plan The Mosque

Sketch plan of the mosque – Islamic Architecture

Plan Religious Architecture

Islamic Architecture





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