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5 Unique Architecture, Residential Carved In The Rocks

September 27, 2012 By: home Category: Unique Architecture

5 architecture is the main attraction of tourists because of its uniqueness carved in the rocks. A city or village is usually made in the mountains, the beach, or on the plains. See 5 unique architectural designs carved on the rocks:

1. City of Petra, Jordan
Unique Architecture

Ad-Deir, an icon of Petra in Jordan (traditours.com)

Petra is an ancient city that almost all buildings carved in the cliff wall. One is the tunnel gorge called the Siq. There, you can see the stone carvings on the walls, like pipes of clay that was used in irrigation systems.

In addition to the Siq, there Al-Khazneh, the building is said to save the buried treasure like a pharaoh. In addition to Al-Khazneh some Roman Theater, the Royal Tombs, also Ad-Deir’s iconic City of Petra. Ad-Deir is a magnificent building with 800 steps. City of Petra became a magnet for tourists because of its ancient city carved in the cliffs.


2. City of Cappadocia, Turkey

City Unique Architecture

City Goreme in Cappadocia (turkiyepetank.com)

City Cappadocia is one of the most frequently visited by tourists. The unique architecture of the city into a tourist appeal. If you do not believe just try to come directly to the city that has valleys, gorges up this hill.

Entering Cappadocia, tourists seemed to enter an era where all the buildings carved into rock cliffs. There are six cities in the Cappadocia region. The capital is Nevsehir, with a population of over 110 thousand inhabitants.

The unique construction of the stone carvings you can see in the Palace Urchisar. The palace has some room to be a place to stay. It is right on top of the hill to make this place so beautiful. Especially with stunning scenery.

Goreme is the city’s most famous rock Cappacodia. Goreme is a city filled with sculptures of stone houses. Giant rocks dredged and deliberately designed to be a home for local residents.


3. Village Kandovan, Iran

Kandovan village in Iran

Kandovan village in Iran (genelempp.wordpress.com)

Kandovan Village East Azarbaijan, Iran made of stone, from homes, to cars. films like The Flintstones which tells of human life in the stone age. Apparently, such a life was still there. The village has a device made entirely of stone. The house is made of stone, even the interior as well as beds made of stone.

This unique village became Iranian weapon to attract tourist arrivals. As if does not want to disappoint wisatawannya, local governments also make the hotel from the rocks. The Laleh Kandovan International Rocky Hotel, here the traveler can feel the life style Flintones. This 5-star hotel located in the heart of the village of Kandovan.


4. Manazan Village, Turkey

Rural Manazan

Rural Manazan (atlasobscura.com)

Turkey not only has Cappadocia as a city that stands on the cliff rocks. There is still a village in the City Manazan Taskale, Karaman. The village is sculpted and arranged neatly on a rock cliff Yesildere Valley.

The village is also arguably Manazan villages stand being in the vertical cliff. Rock wall is divided into 5 floors with various room facilities. Starting from churches, houses, until the funeral, all in Manazan. These places are all in the cliff and no one separate.

But unfortunately, has now been abandoned Manazan population because only used as a refuge during the war. Even so, the village which was from the Byzantine Period is still amaze tourists.


5. City Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Unique Architecture Setenil

Setenil de las Bodegas (laspain.com)

Setenil is a small town that has a total area of ​​about 82 km2. The city became so attractive by tourists because it is built on a giant cliff.

Coming to Setenil, both served with a number of houses directly fused with rock cliffs. How sculpt cliffs, almost all the buildings in the city is directly attached to the cliff. Even the furniture in the home is made of stone. when you are down the road in Setenil, you will feel amazed, almost the entire way in Setenil has a roof of rock cliffs, like a natural tunnel. via: travel.detik.com

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