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Decorating A Child’s Room Into A Teen Room

April 30, 2015 By: home Category: Bedroom Interior, Home Decor

How the child’s room decor increasingly time grow and develop into teenagers? theme and color of the bedroom must also change if we imagined that definitely changed a lot, even furniture. But it can all be solved with a bit of re-decorating touch can change a child’s room into a teen room.

Take the kids to discuss, discuss what’s rooms with a theme more in love. when still a child might like striking colors, a lot of super hero characters are stuck on the wall, even toys on display at a desk. But over time it will all change in which children will love the colors are muted, soft and clean. So ask the children, can be started with a hobby or interest of the child and make sure the theme to a more general, do not get hung up on one form.

But to cope with your child that his penchant for fast changing is as follows:
Eg children who like to play football, we can give this theme by placing a variety of decorative elements, for example, posters, pillowcases and bed coverings (bed cover). The elements of nature are not permanent and are easily replaced at any time. For permanent elements such as walls, floors, ceilings and furniture quite take the red thread that represents the character of the juvenile. Can be a shape or color.

Color selection
Pale green color and soft blue very appropriate to give the impression that peace and quiet. Select the color that is able to give joy. But still discussing with the child. Desired color like. With colors that suit the child will provide a sense of comfort. Give your opinion about the colors to blend color is not flashy or monotonous.

Redecorate not mean having to change the entire look of the design of the bedroom. By maintaining the room and utilizing existing furniture, decorating can be done by selecting color theme customized teen room with a hobby or a child’s wishes. This course will also save your spending. Good luck.

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